Why Am I Afraid?

Halfway through the year and you still feeling afraid? Me too, but why? Are you afraid to step out on faith with that plan or goal you set in January? What are you waiting on? Are you worried about what others will think? So what if someone has something to say...you know they will talk about anything you have going on! In that case just give them something to talk about lol. Did you know that you are waiting around for the 'perfect moment' to come, just for it to be something that may not ever arrive? So JUST DO IT! Last year I was terrified of relocating to a new city with no friends or family, but I KNEW I WANTED BETTER for me and my daughter. I manifested that God was going to equip me and prepare me for the next level. Having the feeling of being afraid may not ever go away, but you CANNOT left fear run you away from dreams and goals you have! It's time to have some courage and self-love, now let's get to it and make it happen!