Love Yourself

This is a reminder we need more often than we think. You may hear people tell you they love you daily, but do you love yourself? Like are you happy with yourself? Would you cross the ocean for yourself? When was the last time you genuinely done something for yourself, and had a smile on your face after doing it? You probably too busy putting other's needs in front of yours, aren't you? Yeah, I do it too so don't feel bad. You are not alone! you love yourself during every season you experience in your life? Or do you only love yourself when you are on top of the mountain? Why is it we let ourselves go during the valley? Don't we matter in the middle of the valley, just as much as we matter on top of the mountain? It's hard enough trying to navigate adulthood without a guidebook, so the least we can do is love ourselves through it all. Put a reminder or note in your phone to love yourself a little more this year and the upcoming years, I know you NEED it!!!