It’s Manifestation Time ✨

Have you been looking for a sign? Here is it…four months into 2022 and I pray you have started manifesting what you want to happen this year. I know you probably thinking, it’s April and I started in January…commend yourself for having such a great start. But not everyone was able to start in January..they probably had the intentions to but life happened…if you are just now starting, it’s not too late! Since we all are on the same page now, let’s talk about this vision you have laid out! (Habakkuk 2:2- Write the vision and make it plain) Make it a goal and point to not get discouraged if your vision and plan does not manifest during the time you wanted it too. Keep manifesting it until it happens! I don’t care if that’s been 30 days, 6months, 1 year or 2 years..SPEAK IT AND MANIFEST IT!