Competition Instead of Support

We are living in a time where competition is at a high among family and friends. This results in a bigger lack in support. Individuals will pick and choose who to cheer for or who to support during special times. What happened to everyone being happy for each other’s accomplishments? It’s a problem when you feel like you can’t share your accomplishments because of others will focus on what they did first! Envious behaviors show when people not where you are in life. Reality check: that’s okay because you want people around you that are striving and grinding! They may be the boost you need to finish and stop procrastinating! If you finish something before someone else, it doesn’t make you any better than the next person. Stop to think…how are we helping one another achieve our goals? How are we helping one another better ourselves? Let me reassure you that it is okay to move in silence! There is a sense of peace that follows. Don’t let others competitive spirit stop you from being great and sharing your accomplishments! The ones that are genuinely happy and proud of you will always be there! Their language will reflect! Be the difference and support others need when they have accomplished something great!