The Silence Has Been Broken

You ever been tired of being tired? At that moment you find another way to express your emotions, right? History often repeats itself....but when it does it is worse the next go round? No justice no peace is such a powerful statement when thousands can come together and chant them to produce results....justice brings peace...peace can bring happiness and love. But if there is no justice for senseless crimes on a particular race, how can there be peace? How can the diverse melting pot of the world be happy with such division? Why should one particular group of people have to walk on eggshells in life? Why do talks with mom and dad about how to remain safe outside of home because of the color of one’s skin have take place daily? You may have heard the saying “You must have had a praying grandma” it makes sense now because Grandma knew how you would be treated in this world...Being taught life isn’t fair doesn’t make sense until you are placed in a situation to be treated unfairly and you have all the qualifications that says’s more than just a movement, it’s reality. Reality for individuals that are tired of being silent...All lives cannot matter until black lives matter 🤍💛🤎🖤