When Being A Friend..

..it is not a competition with anything y’all conversate about. Don’t compare your bad day with their bad day, instead ask them about their day if it was bad..IF you truly care. A friend is a someone you have a strong mutual bond with! Someone who you can call that will put their feelings and emotions to the side and be there for you. Every friend in your life serves a different purpose..the one friend you go out with and have fun may not be the same friend you call in the midnight hour. And remember that is okay. We living in a time when friends don’t put their feelings aside to hear about anything you have going on and seems uninterested when you talk. But why is it that every response they give they have to put themselves in? There is always a time and a place when your opinion or input is needed. Remove self from the conversation when your friend is in need of a FRIEND! It doesn’t have to be a lack of value in friendships anymore if people value the ones they have around them!