Dear Mama

A mother’s love is all a young woman wants and needs. Mother’s are there to shape and mold you for being the woman you need to be heading into adulthood! Mother’s are the ones that are speed dial when we need to vent or need some advice! Have you ever had a moment where you didn’t know what to do and you call your mom and she put the pieces to the puzzle back? What if your mother wasn’t a phone call away? What if she wasn’t available to tell you all you needed to know to be the adult you are today? Does life teach you how to get through those moments or are you stuck trying to figure it out on your own? Somethings our mother’s have to teach us and other things she let us learn on our own. An empty feeling of never getting to feel all that a mother can give you past the age 16 is rare but through it all God shows you ways to get through. {In Remberance of my mother Sandra Verne’ Byers Lyons}