Hidden Behind A Smile

As I take a minute to be transparent and allow you to see what is hidden behind what appears to be a beautiful smile, know that life is what you make of it! There are some days I cry more than I should. Truth is, I’m fighting daily to keep my mental health stable. As you look at my outward appearance, I do not look like anything I've been through. Do I look like I was an orphan at 16 due to my parents being deceased? Do I look I've battled health issues that are considered deadly? Do I look like I suffer from depression from time to time? No I don't, but to people I may look like I haven't been through anything I just stated. People see what you allow them to see. Not often do people allow others to see the hurt and pain they go through, but it can be helpful to someone else to share what you have been through. There is not a minute of my life that is easy, but God has kept me here with a purpose. With that purpose I shall make my life the best I can make it.