What’s most important to us? Is if family? Is it material things? Yes, it’s great to come together once a year at Grandma’s or Mama’s house giving thanks and stuffing our faces! The joy and excited to see cousins you haven’t seen in a while and the anticipation to be able to gain a few pounds without any worries. But what are we really thankful for? Do we give thanks only on this one day? Do we give thanks daily because we get another opportunity to make a difference? Do we give thanks because of how far we have come in life? Some people go though things in life and feel like they have nothing to be thankful for because they have lost so much. God has given us each families to enjoy this special day with regardless of family drama and turmoil. But as we enjoy our special day, don’t forget there is someone wishing there were in your space in life with the things you have! #BeThankful