Ready For The Battle

When life knocks you down, what do you do? Most of us want to just give up, but what will be the outcome if we do? But I’ve been attacked and down for so long? Nobody ever said anything we did in life would be easy. How would we be able to be there for one another and encourage each other if we ain’t been through anything? Yes it’s easier said than done to not give up especially when you’re hitting every dead end and nothing is going right. But what if you knew what was on the other side of that valley your in? Would you handle things differently? They say for every new level there is a new devil...I definitely agree with that because as soon as you get on your mountain the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy whatever he can. The enemy doesn’t want to see you happy! It’s time to take a different approach while your on your mountain’s time to get ready and prepare for whatever the devil throws your way.