It’s Never Goodbye, But See You Later

Have you ever lost a loved one that was very close to you? One that you thought y’all would see the future together with? Y’all make plans for the future and set goals together? I’m sure there are special days or events that come up that they won’t be able to attend. Not everything in life we will understand, especially when there is an empty space we have yet to fill. Take a look at your life at this very moment and now remember back how your life was when you lost that loved you think you would have been here today if you were not forced to be strong? We are on this Earth for a purpose and once that purpose is over God calls us to come home with him. Not everyday will be easy, but God truly knows how to send a comforter in the time of need, mourn, grief and sorrow. We never want to feel any hurt and pain from losing someone we love so dear, but we must remember that’s it’s not goodbye but it's I will see you later! (In Remembrance of Krissy, our #KJB, #Forever22)