Never Give Up

Reading this title seems easier to say than do don't it? What would be the point in giving up if you did do it? What would be the outcome of giving up? We know we are living a life where God never said anything would be easy. You are probably thinking, Maria you don't know what I've been through and go through..and you are right I don't because your life you live is designed for you to walk in. But what I do know is that I've had my own storms, trials and tribulations that nobody can understand either....BUT the God that we serve ALWAYS sends a comforter during the storm....that last ounce of strength you have will be enough for you to not give up and regain all the strength you lost. During your storm, don't expect nobody to understand but Jesus..he paved the way for us all and sent us help to endure. With you not giving up, will be and is the strength someone else needs. There is always someone watching you during your storm.