Dear Daddy

What is life without a father figure? Every girl needs her father in her life. There are somethings that a mother cannot give that a father has to. This goes for men as well. Every male needs that figure to look up too and say that man I call dad is my hero. What girl you know doesn't want to run into daddy's arms when mommy tells her no! Ladies, have you ever needed that father/daughter talk? And, did daddy warn you about these no good guys around here? Men, have your father sat down and talked to you about how to treat a woman? Ladies, can't wait until the day you get married and walk down the aisle with daddy? But what if all those opportunities never get to happen? Do you still appreciate the thought of what could have been? Do you cry, wishing life could have been different? Just remember everything happens for a reason! In spite of that missing piece in your life, You are still blessed! (In Remberance of my dad, Bernard Lyons Sr.)